Grant Making Policy
  1. The principal areas in which the RVW Trust currently makes grants are:

1.1 Assistance to professional British composers (or those entering the profession) who have not yet achieved a broad national or international reputation.

1.2 Assistance towards the performance and recording of music by neglected or currently unfashionable 20th and 21st century British composers, including performances by societies and at festivals, which include works by such composers in their programmes.

1.3 Support for National organisations which promote public knowledge and appreciation of 20th and 21st century British music.

1.4 Occasional support for education projects in the field of music which are connected with public performance of music which qualifies under 1.1 and 1.2. Education projects for children will only be considered for funding if the primary purpose is the performance of new or recent British music.

1.5 Support for post-graduate students of composition taking first masters degrees at British institutions

  1. In accordance with our Founder's wishes, Trust funds are not applied for the furtherance or performance of his own works. Support for projects involving the music of Ralph Vaughan Williams may be supported by the Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust

  1. The Trust does not make grants for:

3.1 Concerts, concert series or concert tours which do not include music by 20th and 21st century British composers.

3.2 Concerts for which income from box office receipts, together with support from other organisations, is forecast to amount to less than half of the estimated expenditure. 

3.3 Requests for commission fees will not normally be considered unless there is a planned second performance, at least, of any new work.

3.4 Commissions purely for youth or children’s ensembles.

3.5 Grants for musicals, rock or pop music, ethnic music, jazz or dance music or multi-media and theatrical events in which music is not the primary art-form.

3.6 'Workshops' with no planned public performance.

3.7 Grants to organisations directly administered by local or other public authorities.

3.8 Grants to managing agents and commercial promoters.

3.9 Vocal or instrumental tuition.

3.10 The making, purchase or repair of musical instruments, computer or multi-media equipment.

3.11 The construction or restoration of buildings.

  1. Concerts by university and conservatoire orchestras and ensembles will only be considered in the most exceptional circumstances.

  2. With applications for support for the commissioning or performance of works by younger composers (i.e. those who have just graduated or are studying at post-graduate level), priority will be given to those whom the Trust has already supported as students.

  3. The Trust will give grants for the relief of poverty among musicians only in very exceptional circumstances. This reflects the Founder's wishes, and the Trust's belief that this purpose is on the whole adequately served by other organisations.

Before making an application to the RVW Trust you should make sure that you have read the guidelines for applicants which are available on this website.

If you are still not sure whether your project qualifies for consideration by the Trust please telephone 020 7223 3385 or email