RVW Trust Deadlines

General Applications

Next deadline

The Trust's next deadline for general applications is 1 May 2019 for events/projects taking place from 1 July onwards. All applications will be acknowledged by email, so if you haven’t received a reply, please contact us to check that your application has been received. If you intend to send large email attachments as part of your application, please use an FTP site (such as WeTransfer), since they may be rejected by our email system.

Annual deadlines

General applications are considered 3 times a year. Deadlines for receipt of applications are 2 January, 1 May and 1 September each year. Each deadline is for projects scheduled to take place at least 2 months after the deadline:

2 January for events/projects taking place from 1 March onwards

1 May for events/projects taking place from 1 July onwards

1 September for events/projects taking place from 1 November onwards

Results are notified to applicants within 2 months of the deadline.

The trust does not make retrospective grants so it is essential that applications are made in good time. There is no standard form. Potential applicants should read the policy statement and guidelines for applicants carefully before applying.

Applications may be made by email or in hard copy; where possible, an email version would be appreciated. When an email application is made a signed copy of the covering letter must also be sent; this may be a scan of the signed letter.

If you have any queries about applying, please contact us at info@rvwtrust.org.uk.

Awards for Postgraduate Study: Vaughan Williams Bursaries

Applications for support for taught MMus composition courses in the UK are considered once a year, in May. The next deadline, for courses in Autumn 2020, will be 1 May 2020; please see our postgraduate page for further details. Please note that applications for Vaughan Williams Bursaries must be made in hard copy, not by email.